Different Types of Poker Tournaments

Do you like Poker but do not know where to play? Well, a local tournament can be a good place to start. Poker tournaments are exciting and also attract large cash prizes, which are an added bonus. Other people also love watching a small group of people fight tooth and nail for the cash prize. That is why they are so popular and would be a great place to launch your Poker playing career.

What Is A Poker Tournament?

Poker tournaments can be best defined as a game of cards that has some set standard of procedure. The format of the game is predetermined and fixed. Each player will be dealt some cards and then the game will proceed within a specified time frame.

Charity Tournament

This is intended to support a noble cause. The proceeds from the game will not benefit any of the participants in the game; from the committee arranging the game to the player who wins. Most of the charity tournaments will go to a generic cause like health care. If you’re interested in running your own charity tournament, check out this guide.

Bounty Tournaments

These games offer a special reward to the player who eliminates the target. At the beginning of the game, the bounty will be placed on a specific player and whoever eliminates them, wins the bounty.

Beat the Clock

These types of tournaments have a specific, fixed playtime. Once the time has elapsed, all the players stop playing and lay down their hands. The players are rewarded depending on the specified pool.

Bubble Rush

In this Poker game, players compete to achieve a specified amount of money first. The player who reaches the target first wins the game. There can be different contests and the player who wins the most will be awarded the target price payout. Different Poker houses have different types of tournaments and therefore the ones mentioned above might vary from one casino to another.