The Latest Developments in Online Poker

Much like many other online industries, poker has experienced a great deal of growth during the past decade. What was once a static platform has evolved into what can only be called a truly interactive world. Embracing a combination of technology and innovation, the sky is indeed the limit in terms of how far such a sector can grow. What are a handful of the latest and most trending developments within the world of online poker?Live DealersMany professional online players would argue that the advent of the live dealer has been the most important development within the past few years. As most computers now utilise high-speed Internet access, algorithms are beginning to be replaced by a human on the other end of the “line”. In turn, this adds much more realism to the entire gaming experience.The SmartphoneOtherwise known as m-commerce, the influence of the mobile phone on poker sites cannot be overstated. This is primarily due to a greater number of players now accessing poker sites from remote locations via a smartphone. So, pokers “apps” are now common and most platforms are now offering mobile-friendly services. Many actually predict that the majority of Internet users will access the web remotely in the near future. It therefore stands to reason that poker sites have already adapted their software to meet this growing need.Some feel that the next major revolution will come in the form of VR (virtual reality) software packages within the online poker world. Although this may still be a few years off, there is no doubt that the industry is indeed advancing faster than ever before.